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about our trailers

No, borrow a bike trailer from a dealer near you and try it out! The "hinterher" is very easy to pull and you hardly feel it. This is also due to its deep attachment to the bike, which hardly affects the driving dynamics. Even when loaded, it is surprisingly easy to drive the "hinterher". Since the trailer has two wheels and an auxiliary support, it can hardly tip over on its own and stands and drives very safely. Compared to cargo bikes, even inexperienced cyclists get along better with a trailer.
In Germany, there is no obligation to approve bicycle trailers on e-bikes. However, the Weber coupling is not approved for S-Pedelecs (45km / h). In principle, we recommend our lane-wider trailers such as the Hxxl or Hxxxl for operation with the e-bike due to the higher speeds (greater tipping safety due to wider lane). We generally recommend equipping trailers that are intended for use with e-bikes with the continuous stainless steel axles and the V-reinforcement bracket or even the heavy-duty drawbar system. This is recommended for our larger trailers anyway, as the large loading area invites you to load a lot. In no case should one underestimate that a higher speed increases the load on the individual components exponentially.
Nothing in addition as long as you use the standard drawbar system! Every Hinterher model with an aluminum tub can also be used as a handcart as standard (except for the heavy-duty drawbar). All that is needed is to move the drawbar from the bicycle trailer position to the handcart position. It only takes a few seconds. We now even offer a handcart function for the bike transporter models. If you use the heavy-duty drawbar system, you can now mount an additional adapter with reinforcement plate in the middle of the trailer. This allows the heavy-duty drawbar to be inserted at an angle and used as a handcart. For the BikeTransporter and other platform trailers there is also a hand drawbar adapter that is screwed flat onto the platform. If you use the heavy duty high drawbar, you have a hand drawbar and high drawbar in one. In addition, the high drawbar can be swiveled backwards by 180 °, which greatly reduces the space required when parking. Of course, this drawbar can also be easily removed. For the Hinterher, which is mainly used as a bicycle trailer, we always recommend the low-toe arm for reasons of better driving characteristics.

During the development of all components, we have made every effort to prevent the trailer from rattling. For this reason we have developed a unique, new and legally protected drawbar mount for the Hinterher bicycle trailer, which allows the drawbar to be mounted completely free of play and thus rattle-free. All other components have also been optimized with regard to driving noise. Nevertheless, especially when it is unloaded, it cannot be avoided that the trailer makes noises when it is jolted, as the small trailer models in particular have a very low weight. With a load, however, this is much better. In addition, a rubber mat should be carried for cushioning and load securing. The air pressure of the trailer tires also plays a role. We equip the Hinterher with quality tires from Schwalbe as standard. The "Big Apple" can be driven with comparatively low air pressure and then offer good damping properties, which also help to minimize noise (see also FAQs on the subject of "tire pressure"). Compared to cargo bikes, even inexperienced cyclists get along better with a trailer.

We generally recommend locking the entire bicycle trailer with an approx. 2 m long cable lock or a loop cable, as all components can then be secured at the same time. This cable can be threaded through the aluminum tub itself, namely through the triangular opening, which is provided for the handcart operation of the trailer. Or, if one of the light variants was chosen, through one of the many floor openings. You can then use it to secure one or both wheels. The basic idea behind it is that it can be dismantled quickly and easily. If we were to install all components in a locked manner, we would sabotage this basic idea. The lockable drawbar, which is available for a small surcharge, is a very good means of securing the trailer, i.e. if the trailer is left standing for a short while while shopping, this lock prevents the trailer from being taken with you. However, it does not replace a good bicycle lock, because the drawbar can of course still be clicked out on the bicycle trailer itself. On our DIY page you will find simple instructions for an additional lock on the drawbar adapter.

First of all, we recommend narrowing down the planned application as precisely as possible.

For example, you should ask yourself the following questions:
1. What do I mainly want to transport (daily shopping? Bulky waste? Garden waste? Anvil?)
2. Do I need an all-round trailer for everything, not too big, not too small. Upgradeable and Versatile? Then the Hmax!
3. Am I a frequent cyclist and am I replacing my car? Do I always have too little space, maybe a few children? Am I outside a lot, at the lake, with a lot of equipment? Then the Hxxl light or the Hxxxl light!
4. At what distances do I use the trailer? How are the ways? (For short distances for everyday transport on well-developed roads, the standard equipment is completely sufficient, even to transport something very heavy in advance. For longer and rougher routes, a few upgrades such as V-reinforcement bars and continuous axles should be installed. Professional use with a lot of weight calls for the heavy-duty equipment ...)
5. Does the size and weight of the folded trailer matter? In general, the milled light tubs are significantly lighter and easier to carry, etc.
6. Do I want to transport Euroboxes? Then the basic module of the Hmini (1 x Eurobox), Hxxl (2 x Eurobox) or Hxxxl (3 x Eurobox) should be selected, depending on requirements and application. Or the 540 liter box for professional cargo cyclists. 3 Euroboxes fit in there, one behind the other, sealed against rain.
7. Do I need a lockable, rainproof box in order to be able to unintentionally leave purchases in front of a shop? Then the size plays a role, from the 70 liter box to the 830 liter box everything is possible.

Once you have selected a possibly suitable size, it helps a lot to cut out the chassis size from cardboard. Unless you can come to us directly in Munich.

We are happy to advise you and can estimate what you need much more specifically if you can describe to us as precisely as possible what you are planning to do with it (around the corner for shopping or with camping equipment on an expedition far from civilization ;-))