Wheel heavy-duty 20" x 2.34 Pick Up(axle system 12/20)


Product number: 050-020-170-00
Product information "Wheel heavy-duty 20" x 2.34 Pick Up(axle system 12/20)"
Our most robust wheel for the 12/20 axle system. This wheel is used when the bicycle trailer needs to be particularly robust and powerful. Reinforced hollow chamber rim, reinforced hub, thicker stainless steel spokes and the particularly resilient Cargobike Pick Up tyre from Schwalbe characterise this wheel.

Technical data
Wheel size: 20 inch
Outer diameter: 54 mm
Tyres: Schwalbe Pick Up 20 x 2.35 with reflective stripes
Inner tube: branded inner tube with car valve
Rims: 40 mm wide hollow chamber rims made of aluminium
Spokes: Stainless steel, 2.5 mm
Hub: Aluminium with two industrial bearings
Number of spokes: 32
Weight: 2.15 kg

Scope of delivery
20 inch wheel with Schwalbe Pick Up tyres 20 x 2.35

Compatible with the stainless steel rigid axle (axle system 12/20)
Compatible with the 12 mm thru axle (axle system 12/20)

Please note
Please note that the thru axle is not included in the scope of delivery.
Please note that this wheel is not compatible with the plastic axle mount.
Please note that the stainless steel rigid axle must have a minimum protrusion of 1.5 cm on each side of the bicycle trailer.