Wheel 20" x 2.40 Super Moto X (axle system 15/25)


Product number: 060-020-020-00
Product information "Wheel 20" x 2.40 Super Moto X (axle system 15/25)"
Reinforced wheels for high loads, suitable for the axle system 15/25.  We use hollow aluminum rims, reinforced stainless steel spokes, reinforced hubs and thicker axles to achieve this. Combined with the Schwalbe Super Moto X tire made for heavy loads you have a wheel that will stand up to professional use.

Hollow rim 40mm
Reinforced hub aluminum black
Extra thick spokes stainless steel 2,5 mm
Tube (AV)
Sealed industrial ball bearing with inner diameter 15 mm
Tires Schwalbe SuperMotoX 20" x 2.40

Weight: approx. 2150 g
Outside diameter approx. 54 cm

Please note: Delivery is without the 15 mm quick-release thru axle. Please order this item seperately.