Weber special washer for hub gear


Sonderpolygon Nabenschaltung
Product number: 120-110-170-00
Product information "Weber special washer for hub gear"
If your bike has hub gears like Shimano Nexus, Alfine or Enviolo, you need this special "Polygon" from Weber in order to install the Weber EL, E or ES hitch on the rear wheel axle. The Weber hitch needs a special Polygon to ensure that the hitch itself can not rotate around its own axis. But because the hub gear systems need exactly the same part for themself you have to replace this existing part that works for the hub system as well as the Weber hitch.
Here is how to find the right "Polygon" for your bike:
1. What is the manufacturer of your gear hub (e.g. Shimano)?
2. What color has the existing washer underneath the big bolt on your rear-wheel axle (on the left side in driving direction)?

With these two pieces of information you are able to find the matching Weber Polygon for you.