Wall mount


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Product number: 210-120-020-00
Product information "Wall mount"
The wall mount makes it very easy to hang the trailer on the wall. A specially turned plastic part fits perfectly through the triangular cut-out in the base of the alu chassis and protects it from damage to the paintwork. In principle, it fits all models with openings in the chassis floor. Two holders are recommended for the large Transporter models. The wall mount with hanger bolt can be screwed directly into wooden beams. For concrete walls and masonry, the wall plug 14mm must be used.

Attention: The turned plastic part is either inserted through the triangular cut-out or, in the case of the Light models, through any other cut-out in the base of the chassis. When ordering, please note that one of the cut-outs on your trailer must be open. This means, for example, that this opening is covered when the central SL hand drawbar mount is fitted. It is therefore possible that the wall mount is not compatible with your model. You are welcome to ask us about this in advance. For some attachments, it may also be necessary to replace the hanger bolt supplied with the hanger with a longer bolt (DIY store). In principle, however, the hanger can be suspended from the front or the rear. Caution: Depending on the wall situation, different fastening options can and must be considered. Concrete wall: Use of an adhesive dowel/glue mortar (Fischer HIT or similar) or plastic dowel with Drywall: cavity dowel Brick wall (porous): Screen sleeve in combination with adhesive dowel (Fischer HIT or similar) or hanger bolt with dowel.