Thru axle 15mm with aluminum cap black (axle system 15/25)


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: 060-030-020-00
Product information "Thru axle 15mm with aluminum cap black (axle system 15/25)"
Thanks to the Quick-release axle our wheels can be removed from our trailers with just one click. At the end of the Quick-release axle are ball lock pins that can be unlocked by pushing in the end cap on the other side of the axle. Those ball lock pins expand into a small groove inside our axle mounts thus securely holding the wheel in place.

Axle diameter: 12 mm
Total length: 125 mm
Weight: approx. 100 g
Includes a plastic spacer and a rubber ring.
Fits all our wheels axle mounts of the axle system 12/20

Please note: The axle is made of hardened steel since this is stronger than stainless steel. Therefore it should be cleaned regularily from dirt and lubricated with a high quality lubricant like chain oil.