Standard drawbar extension


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Product number: 080-030-040-00
Product information "Standard drawbar extension"
High-quality drawbar extension with 50cm or 80 cm length for the standard drawbar system. The drawbar extension is connected to the drawbar with a milled adapter piece almost free of play (and rattle). A maximum of two drawbar extensions should be used, as the cornering behavior and running stability of the trailer change and the drawbar is otherwise too heavily loaded. Driving with drawbar extensions takes some getting used to and should definitely be practiced. We recommend equipping the drawbar mount with the reinforcement bracket if the trailer does not already have it installed. The additional forces on all drawbar components increase considerably due to the drawbar extensions. Overlong loads should be firmly lashed to the drawbar.

When ordering the drawbar extension(s) together with a trailer, you will receive the complete parts ready drilled. When reordering the drawbar extension(s), you must drill the 6.5 or 7 mm hole in the existing drawbar for the locking screw yourself. .

Straight drawbar extension with adapter piece made of milled aluminum
Attention: use maximum two extensions!