Stainless steel extension axles for H2O/66


Product number: 050-100-050-10
Product information "Stainless steel extension axles for H2O/66"
The extension axles extend the track width of the H2O/66 by a total of 260mm if required. The load capacity of the H2O is thereby increased in comparison to the axle mounts made of fibre-reinforced plastic due to the design.

The set contains:
  • 2x 32 cm long rigid axles stainless steel (axle system 12/20)
  • 4x aluminum clamping block D20 with eccentric lever
  • 8 countersunk screws Inox M6 x 16 (glue with Loctite!)

Suitable for axle system 12/20
Weight: approx. 125 g