Stainless steel extension axis 21 cm (axis system 12/20)


Product number: 050-100-030-00
Product information "Stainless steel extension axis 21 cm (axis system 12/20)"
The extension axles extend the track width of our trailers by a total of 160mm if required (80mm on each side).

They can be fitted to all smaller models of the chassis series (Hmini, Hmax, Hmax light, box trailers 73 liters and 115 liters) as well as to the H2O boat trailer. The load capacity with the axles extended decreases due to the then longer lever travel (except for the H2O which has other design features to compensate this).

The set contains:
  • 2x 21 cm long rigid axles stainless steel (axle system 12/20)
  •  4x aluminum clamping block D20 with eccentric lever
  •  8 countersunk screws Inox M6 x 16 (glue with Loctite!)

Suitable for axle system 12/20
Weight: approx. 105 g