Stainless steel axle (axle system 12/20)


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Product information "Stainless steel axle (axle system 12/20)"
For all those who would like to build their own bicycle trailer, we offer our rigid axle made of stainless steel in various lengths. We recommend this continuous axle for all bicycle trailers that are loaded with more than 45 kg. The axle distributes the load symmetrically over both wheels and also stiffens the entire trailer construction. It minimises the force transferred to the base plate of the trailer, resulting in less deformation and fewer vibrations during the ride.

Technical data
Material: Stainless steel
Inner diameter: 12 mm
Outer diameter: 20 mm

Scope of delivery
  • Stainless steel rigid axle

The stainless steel rigid axle can be bolted under the trailer with two D20 aluminium clamping blocks (axle system 12/20). The stainless steel rigid axle is compatible with all our 12/20 axle system wheels. The stainless steel rigid axle is compatible with all our 12 mm thru axles of the 12/20 axle system.

Assembly instructions
Please note that the rigid axle cannot be cut to length yourself when building your own, as an axle mount with fine thread is firmly screwed and glued in on each side, with a right-hand thread on the right-hand side and a left-hand thread on the left-hand side. When building your own trailer, please note the installation direction of the axle (R = right in the direction of travel, L = left in the direction of travel). You should also select the axle length for your own construction so that approx. one centimetre protrudes on each side of the trailer so that the wheels do not rub against the base plate of the trailer (example: width of the base plate of the trailer: 63 cm, correct axle length: 65 cm).

Further information
Please also take a look at our DIY page and our Downloads page, where you will find additional information on building your own trailer.
Länge: 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 84cm