Stainless steel axle (15/25)


Product number: 060-100-030-00
Product information "Stainless steel axle (15/25)"
This is the heavy-duty version of the stainless steel axle with an even larger diameter of 25mm making it extremely robust. It should be paired with our heavy-duty wheel set and the 15mm quick-release thru axle. We recommend these parts for trailers that will be used heavily and to the absolut maximum.

The stainless steel rigid axle distributes the trailers load evenly over both wheels and also stiffens the trailers base. It minimizes the force input into the chassis and thus causes less deformation and fewer vibrations when driving. The stainless steel axle is bolted under the trailer floor with two high-quality CNC-milled aluminum clamping blocks (not included). In the rigid axle, the wheels can be inserted or removed with a click, thanks to the quick-release thru axle system.

Please note for self-built trailers that the stainless steel axle cannot be cut to length, as an axle mount with fine thread is firmly screwed in and glued on each side, right-hand side with right-hand thread, left-hand side with left-hand thread. You should also select the axle length for self-built trailers so that approx. one centimeter protrudes on each side of the trailer so that the wheels do not rub against the base plate of the trailer (example: width of the base plate of the trailer: 63 cm, correct axle length: 65 cm).

Inner diameter: 15 mm
Outside diameter: 25 mm

Suitable for the axle and wheel system 15/25

Supplied without aluminum clamping blocks, please order these separately. When building your own trailer, please note the installation direction of the axle (R = in driving direction right, L= in driving direction left).