SL-stainless-steel-drawbar (Hinterher system)


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Product number: 100-040-100-20
Product information "SL-stainless-steel-drawbar (Hinterher system)"
The drawbar for professional requirements.
Robust stainless steel tube with coupling head 360° rotatable. In professional use, the previous, commercially available components of bicycle trailers reach their limits and are often loaded far beyond the approved specifications. A reasonable limit of transporting goods on a bicycle trailer with a normal, well-equipped bicycle is about 100 kg trailer weight. But since much higher continuous loads have to be considered in professional use, we have redesigned both the drawbar and all related components. Our new stainless steel heavy drawbar system has been tested with towing weights of 500 kg. However, under no circumstances should more than 100 kg be attached to normal bicycles, as neither the bicycle frames nor the brake system are designed for these weights.

Please note that we cannot give a general approval for higher weights. Our release of 100 kg refers to the complete system of SL-drawbar mount, SL-stainless-steel-drawbar and our Hinterher hitch system. As a general rule, however, you must base your planned trailer weight on the weakest component. This should then be the bicycle frame, the dropout or (when using the Hinterher stainless steel adapter with a Weber coupling plate) the load capacity of the Weber coupling plate.

Key features:

  • Extremely high load capacity (tensile weights of 500 kg were tested): Approval for 150 kg towing weight when using the appropriate Hinterher SL stainless steel components.
  • Easy to understand, self-explanatory design
  • The drawbar can be rotated 90° and used as a hand drawbar. For this purpose, there is a plastic handle made of POM, which can be simply screwed on.
  • Lockability: The 10mm locking cotter pin can be replaced by a standard padlock with a 10mm shackle, making it lockable. 
  • High degree of freedom in all directions - the hanger or bike can fall over without damaging important components.
  • The drawbar can rotate freely 360°. °
  • Compatibility on the trailer side with existing SL drawbar mounts. 
  • Easy connection possibilities to 6mm connection plates with 8 or 10mm bore (can already be integrated on the part of the wheel manufacturers).
  • Adapter for Weber base plates: With this stainless steel adapter, our new heavy duty drawbar can be operated on all Weber coupling plates.
  • Adapter for base plates with vertical or horizontal bore (8 or 10 mm). This allows base plates from numerous manufacturers, e.g. BicyLift, to be used with our new rear heavy duty drawbar.
  • Customized stainless steel drawbars made of 35 mm stainless steel tubing can be manufactured for other trailer manufacturers according to their specifications, even in small series.
  • Easy repairability: The connections are based on 10mm holes and DIN screws, which can be repaired by universal screws, bolts, split pins etc. if necessary. 

Technical details
1250 g weight
83 cm length
35 x 1.5mm stainless steel tubing

Scope of delivery:

Stainless steel drawbar incl. rotating coupling head + safety split pin with safety rope. The POM handle shown in the photos can be ordered separately if required, if the drawbar is to be used as a handcart handle.