SL-aluminium drawbar, bent (Weber-System)


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: 100-020-080-00
Product information "SL-aluminium drawbar, bent (Weber-System)"
Bent version of our SL-aluminium-drawbar. For lowered trailers or very high hitch mounts it may be necessary to use a bent drawbar to compensate for the difference in height between the trailer and the hitch (on the bike). Our cranked drawbar has a height difference of approximately 18 cm.

Our SL-aluminium-drawbar is made of a thicker and much stiffer aluminum tube than our standard drawbar. The stiffer design reduces vibrations from large trailer loads and the resulting risk of breakage. For professional transport tasks and commercial use, we generally recommend using this drawbar system together with the URSUS bipod stand. To use the SL-drawbar, the SL-drawbar mount must also be installed. If you want to use your trailer also in handcart mode, you have to install the SL-drawbar mount for handcart mode. All SL-drawbars are clamped without play in our CNC-milled drawbar mount and secured with a linch pin. Please note that when ordering the SL-drawbar individually without the appropriate drawbar mount you have to drill the hole to secure the drawbar in the drawbar mount yourself. This is very easy to do by clamping the drawbar in the drawbar mount.