Lowerable support


Product number: 210-280-010-00
Product information "Lowerable support"
Robust support with handle for safe parking of the bicycle trailer. The support can be used, for example, as a rear support for our Transporter models or market stalls that need to stand securely against tipping. It is robust enough to safely support camping or caravan trailers. If necessary, the eccentric quick-release can also be replaced by a screw lever or a lock nut, which allows even greater clamping forces.

The stainless steel support tube is manufactured in a length of 420mm with 2 plastic end caps. The two-piece clamp is a high-quality and robust component made of stainless steel, which we developed ourselves and have manufactured in Germany. It fits perfectly in height to the tub edges of the aluminium chassis models. The holes for these attachments are not standard in the chassis, partly because the exact position can be chosen by the user. The base plate of the clamp can be used as a drilling template for marking. On some models, such as the aluminium box trailers, an additional stainless steel bracket must be installed for bracing and stabilisation.