Lowerable support wheel


Product number: 210-240-010-00
Product information "Lowerable support wheel "
The support wheel makes it child's play to manoeuvre even heavy trailers in confined spaces without using force. It is mounted as centrally as possible at the front and can be easily lowered or raised thanks to a quick-release lever (or completely removed from the newly developed stainless steel holder). The high-quality, ball-bearing wheel also allows outdoor use. In contrast to commercially available pipe clamps, high holding forces can be generated with our newly developed stainless steel clamp, which also allows it to be used as a work table or similar. The holes for these attachments are not standard in the chassis, partly because the exact position can be chosen by the user. The lowerable support wheel may only be used when operating on foot. When used as a bicycle trailer, it must be raised and clamped in place, similar to support wheels on car trailers (which must never be used while driving a car).

Scope of delivery:
  • Two-piece clamp made of stainless steel for high holding forces.
  • Stainless steel tube D 25 mm (total height approx. 45 cm, sufficient for our aluminium chassis models with 20 inch wheels. Longer tubes on request)
  • High-quality wheel with pneumatic tyres, ball bearing, D 150 mm.

Weight: approx. 1000 g