Heavy-duty High Drawbar (open tube end)


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: 100-020-410-00
Product information "Heavy-duty High Drawbar (open tube end)"
Removable high drawbar for heavier loads with an open tube end (inner diameter of the tube: 29 mm). Order this drawbar when you don`t want to use the Weber-coupling-system and you would like to install your prefered coupling-system.

When using our specially developed high drawbar mount, the high drawbar can be easily removed or swiveled 180° to the rear if necessary. This reduces the space required when parking the trailer enormously. The heavy-duty high drawbar can be locked at two different heights in its respective mount (sold seperately). Further adjustment options are available by drilling additional holes. In combination with our tool-free removable seat post coupling, the high drawbar can also be used by different users without a coupling firmly bolted to the bike. This high drawbar can also be firmly bolted to DIY trailers by means of pipe clamps (see spare parts and small parts), if these have a sufficiently stable vertical front. Scope of delivery: drawbar (without drawbar mount)