Heavy-duty Drawbar mount


Product number: 100-100-020-00
Product information "Heavy-duty Drawbar mount"
Drawbar mount for our heavy-duty drawbars. Completely revised one-piece design with newly developed extruded profile and rapid decoupling. CNC machined from aluminum, with high quality internal plastic plain bearings from German market leader IGUS. This prevents corrosion between the two metal parts of the drawbar and drawbar mount, even with prolonged use. The sliding ability and thus the long-term guarantee of the function are preserved, in contrast to many "simpler" drawbar receptacles, which consist only of a metal sleeve.

Drilling distance identical to standard drawbar mount. Can easily be retrofitted to all our models.

Required mounting surface min. approx. 80 x 145 mm
Drilling distance 120 + 56 mm, 4 holes 6 / 6.5 mm
Weight: approx. 580 g