Heavy-duty Drawbar for Double-axle Trailers (including mount, lockable)


Product number: 100-020-300-00
Product information "Heavy-duty Drawbar for Double-axle Trailers (including mount, lockable)"
Double-axle trailers are normally only used with bicycles in special applications, as the double axle has a few disadvantages in terms of ride comfort and maneuverability compared to a single-axle trailer. However, if you want to move significantly more than 100 kg, you can hardly avoid it. With the movable double axle trailer drawbar, all 4 wheels always stay on the ground and there is no supporting load on the hitch. Therefore this version is approved for a trailer load of 150 kg in conjunction with the ES hitch from Weber.  A nice advantage: you can simply fold the drawbar away upwards.

Attention: This drawbar works ONLY with double-axle trailers. A single axle trailer can NOT be driven with it!  A sufficiently stable front plate on the trailer is required for mounting.

Scope of delivery: Drawbar incl. pre-assembled drawbar mount (not removable).