Drawbar mount incl. stand (for 20 inch wheels)


Product number: 080-100-030-00
Product information "Drawbar mount incl. stand (for 20 inch wheels)"
Drawbar mount for our range of drawbars from our standard series that have a triangular shaped tube end. The drawbar mount includes a stand made from stainless steel that not only serves as a stand when parking the trailer but also has another function: When the stand is folded up, the drawbar is eccentrically clamped in the drawbar mount. This results in the drawbar being held without play.

Suitable for our standard drawbar system and 20 inch wheels.
Required mounting surface min. approx. 75 x 140 mm
Drilling distance 120 + 56 mm, 4 holes 6 / 6.5 mm Weight: 260 g