Axle mount fiberglass-reinforced plastic (axle system 12/20)


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Product number: 050-100-010-00
Product information "Axle mount fiberglass-reinforced plastic (axle system 12/20)"
Made of high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic with cast-in brass sleeve suitable for all wheels of the axle system 12/20. The axle mount can always be used when building trailers yourself if the total load does not exceed 45 kg and the base plate of the trailer is designed stiff enough. For higher loads, we recommend the stainless steel rigid axle (axle system 12/20).

Mounting surface min. 50 x 60 mm
4 holes 6 / 6.5 mm, drilling distance 38 (B) + 25 mm (T)

Delivery incl. 4 pressed in lock nuts stainless steel. Delivery without screws, as for DIY applications their length depend on the thickness and condition of the base plate