Aluminium box 500 Liters


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: 250-200-500-00
Product information "Aluminium box 500 Liters"
This aluminium box is the basis for our 500 litre box trailer, our most popular professional box trailer. This box is only available from us, we have it specially made to measure by a traditional German manufacturer. The ratio of transport volume/own weight/max. trailer weight is optimal here and offers the most application possibilities at relatively low costs. Since the maximum trailer weight of single-axle trailers is limited to 100 kg due to the approval restrictions of the available couplings, the largest loading capacity can be achieved with this lightweight trailer.

The design for Euronorm boxes makes it the ideal transport device. Up to three Euronorm boxes in a row can be transported. It has remarkable capacities and yet is fully compatible with everyday use. The space requirement is also minimal - the box can be tilted upwards over the back and then only requires a minimal footprint.

Technical data Volume:
approx. 500 litres
Weight: 30 kg
Outer dimensions: 1300 x 700 x 600 mm (LxWxH)
Internal dimensions: approx. 1260 x 660 x 580 mm
Lockable, lid not removable, splash-proof

Scope of delivery and useful accessories
The Alu box is supplied with two short tension straps with which it can be quickly and securely clamped to the loading area of the rear vehicle. The straps are threaded through the folding handles of the box and the cut-outs in the edge of the tub. In addition, we recommend placing our rubber insert mat under the aluminium box and the felt insert floor inside the box. For theft protection, our loop rope can easily be threaded through a folding handle of the box and parts of the trailer and locked together with the bicycle.

Strap eyelets instead of lid railing
We would particularly like to recommend the webbing eyelets, forged from stainless steel, which are designed for use in yachting. They provide six additional guy points on the box lid and are almost indestructible. We specially adapt them for use on our aluminium boxes with aluminium counter plates, M6 internal thread and stainless steel sealing washers and screws. In contrast to a lid railing, they take up hardly any space on the box lid and thus valuable contact surface. They provide firmly defined anchorage points and fit perfectly with the clip hooks of our tensioning strap. This prevents the strap from "wandering" along the railing and the load from slipping. True to the motto "The better is the enemy of the good", we recommend the webbing eyelets instead of the cover railing.